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Travelling Within Edreja

Edreja (the fictional land in which the Lorien Trust Roleplaying system is based within) is a huge, mostly untamed land.  Attempting to get from one village to the next is generally not too arduous if you follow the roads, but there may be times when a characters need to travel farther and more quickly.

As Nobles within the land, Horses, mules or other beasts of burden are going to be generally available for most characters to use (even if they do not own them).  There may be some areas that this is going to be unwise to do this (parts of Dragons lands may see a person on a horse as a person riding a very tasty meal).  In the same manner a character is likely to have access to transport on some kind of water vessle (boat, ship etc).  Horses, walking and rowing are all normal ways of getting around, however to travel longer distances it is far quicker to use magical means.

Transport Circles

The surface of Edreja is dotted with magical circles called transport circles (and their larger more complex brothers, Ritual Circles).  Within an area, all circles are connected together.  With the correct knowledge* characters can transport themselves and up to 14 other characters to another location, providing they know the name of the location they wish to transport to.


*This is an In Character requirement of either Ritual Magic or an Occupational Skill.  Transporting during events is outside the scope of this article.