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Dragon Ethos & Background

The Dragons are a celtic faction drawn from the nations of Cymrija and Erin, united by the Lord Dragon, Rhodri ap Bran under the Dragon banner.

The dragon is a wild thing and so are its people. They are a people of passion, of glorious legend and fabulous deeds. They are a people of endless hospitality, honour and courage. Their’s is a tradition of tales and song told by mother to daughter, father to son and each looks for their place within those legends.

Yes, they may be chaotic and conflicts may arise amongst them, but when faced with an adversary they band together like no other. There is a saying amongst the tribes of Cymrija: “Me against my brother. My brother and I against my cousin. My cousin and I against the world”. This holds true throughout the faction – no matter what conflict may reside within the faction, they are united against any that would threaten the land.

For there are three things held above all else in the faction – the ancestors; the land; and the people. These three are inextricably united and dependent on each other. There is common saying in the Dragons: “The People are the Land.” The land of the Dragon is their most sacred possession, defended beyond death from those who would usurp it. It is for this reason – the defence of the land, of what is natural and the creation (in their eyes) of their ancestors – the Dragons loathe unliving so much.

From timeless Meath, capital city of Erin, and aged Gorsenydd, first city of Cymrija, to the blasted plains of Ulster and the terrible Ravenscar Woods, the deep mines of Mullingar and the lofty heights of the Dragonspines, the Land of the Dragons is both dangerous and beautiful and the people who live there will strive to protect it no matter what.