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Within the Dragons Faction there are numerous ancestors that form the basis of the In Character faiths and backgrounds. Many of these have been based on or inspired by the deities of Celtic mythology. This article is intended to provide players with a basis to create their backgrounds, which means that the information here is deliberately sparse to encourage In Character interaction with other players.

The Nine

There are nine major ancestors within the Dragons pantheon. These nine are broken into three sets of ancestors – those who worshipped across the Dragon lands, those predominantly worshipped in Cymrija and those predominantly worshipped in Erin. Each of these three groupings of ancestors has a High Priestess associated with them, whose responsibility it is to lead and guide the faith of the Dragons in relation to those ancestors.

Ancestors of the Dragon

Notable followers: Anyone who enjoys life and creation
The Dagda is the all-father and some believe that he created the world. He is a creator and crafter, notably making his own harp which he would play to change the seasons. He is the ancestor of fertility and creation in all its forms. He is also a warrior and known for his terrible anger towards any that threaten his creation.

Notable followers: The Children of Arawn, people who have a respect for death
He is the guardian of the dead. He guards his kingdom, welcoming those who enter into the otherworld. His kingdom, Annwn, lies between the living world and the halls of the Ancestors, where the patterns of the dead go. He has a pack of white hunting hounds with blood red ears, the Cwn Annwn.

Notable followers: Beastkin, some of the Blackshields, wild creatures and people
The Lord of the Hunt, also known as the "Horned One". He leads the Wild Hunt which, when the time is right, roams the land seeking prey. He is the law of kill or be killed. He does not tolerate weakness.

Ancestors of Cymrija

Y Ddraig
Notable followers: People of Cymrija, especially the tribes
Y Ddraig was created by the Dagda as a weapon to destroy those who threatened his creation. When humanity angered the Dagda, he set Y Ddraig upon them and it was only when Danu pleaded for the Dagda to save humanity that the Dagda bound Y Ddraig with silver chains beneath the land. It is said that Y Ddraig continues to sleep and dream beneath the land and that the Dragon Spine mountains are the back of Y Ddraig itself. It is often worshipped in one of three aspects: the sleeping aspect – the nurturing, caring aspect; the dreaming aspect – the inspiring, creative aspect; and the waking aspect – the destructive, violent aspect.

Notable followers: Dwarves (he is the leader of their pantheon), blacksmiths
There are various tales of Govannon that make many claims about him, some say that he was a fae who crafted the silver hand of Nuada, others claim that he is human, however, many amongst the Dragons now accept that he is a dwarf. In the dwarfs’ mythology he crafted seven children from the earth and thus began the might race of Dwarves. He is ancestor of mining and of the forge.

Notable followers: the Morghuns

Steel is the Morghun's ancestor, accepted as an ancestor within the Dragon pantheon when the Morghun’s were accepted by the land as the fifth Great Tribe of Cymrija. She is the embodiment of steel; which can be turned into swords and plough-shares alike. She is a blacksmith Ancestor associated with the forge.

Ancestors of Erin

Notable followers: Fae, people of Erin, quite a few people and fae outside Erin
Danu is the land and divine waters of Erin. She is also the mother of the fae race. She is a three fold Ancestor: maiden – life and love; mother – motherhood and care; and crone (the Morrigan) death & wisdom. She is strongly associated with fertility and has been called the consort to the God King, Cernunnos, and the Dagda. Above everything she cares for and tries to protect her people.

Notable followers: Those seeking revenge, death and destruction.
Domnu is Danu's dark sister. Some say she was a side of Danu that became corrupt and was cut off but most who follow her see her as a separate. She is the barren and battle-scarred wise one. Where Danu creates, Domnu destroys. She is the white lady of death. She created the Fomor and was the mother of Crom Cruach. She is constantly wrestling with her sister for worship and land.

Notable followers: Blackshields, native Erin people, people who care about their own and want to protect them, freedom fighters, many humans
Mil was the first God King. He hates fae and fought against them, seeing them as manipulators and exploiters of human kind.  It is said it was Mil who introduced Cold Iron into the world and for this crime he was hung on the Tree of Woe, until he was released some years ago.

Other Ancestors

The above are the major ancestors of the Dragons, whose worship is widespread across Dragon lands. However, there are a number of minor ancestors whose worship is, in many cases, practiced only in certain areas or by certain tribes.

Other ancestors include:

Ka'Dih - The Hunter. A dark aspect of nature followed by the Uruk of the Wheel Clan
Mannanan Mac Lir - Ancestor of the sea with a light side and a dark side

Nuada (Airgetlamh) - King of the Tuatha. Noble leader and warrior
Lugh - Lord of the Sun and Harvests. A master of all trades
The Spirit of Cymrija & the Spirit of Erin - Land spirits, nature, balance, the people.
Crom Cruach - Child of Domnu, the Autumn Lord, Lord of Decay.
Bascna - Founder and Patron of Clan NaBascna
Morna - Founder and Patron of Clan NaMorna
Addanc of the Deep - The Great Trout. Swims the water ways collecting information and knowledge
The Morrighan - Ancestor of War and Death. Not to be confused with the Morrigan (the Crone aspect of Danu), the Morrighan is an aspect of the triple aspect Epona (Epona, Amroth and the Morrighan) – the patron ancestor of the ancient Cymrijan tribe of Epona.
Epona - Keeper of hearth, home and horses.

Amroth – Lady of Honour and Glory. Third aspect of Epona.
Andraste - Spirit of victory
Narina - The spirit of the Waters of Truth
The Grey King - Called the Brenin Llwyd in the old Cymrijan tongue, it is said that it is he who keeps the Dragonspine mountains down.
Arth Gwyn - The White Bear, the tribal ancestor of the Arth Gryn tribe
Blaidd Ddu – The Shadow Wolf, the tribal ancestor of the Blaidd Ddu.
Balor – One-eyed King of the Formor
Modron - The bovine Ancestor of a tribe of Cestria known as "The Folk"
Oghma - A hero of the Tuatha, associated with knowledge and wisdom. He is attributed with the creation of the Ogham alphabet
Equinus - Patron of horse breeders and trainers.
Gazul - Dwarven Ancestor of Death and Judgement. First born son of Govannon.
Grumbar - Dwarven Ancestor of Royalty, Warfare and Ale. Second son of Govannon and first true King of Borthawr.
Vaela - Dwaven Ancestor of Battle, Bravery and Luck. First daughter of Govannon.
Ronseal - Dwaven Ancestor of Progress and Invention. Fourth son of Govannon.
Shalvia - Dwarven Ancestor of Healing. Second daughter of Govannon.
Rhunkie - Dwarven Ancestor of Wisdom and Runecraft. The youngest of Govannon's children.
Rufus - Minor Dwarven Ancestor of Greed,
Cerridwen - The blessed poet, mother of all bards.

In addition to those listed above, there are a number of ancestors who are worshipped who aren’t “native” to the lands of the Dragons, their worship is practiced only by a handful of individuals who have come to live with the Dragons.