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Welcome to the Dragons Faction website.  The Dragons Faction are one of a number of similar groups (factions) that form part of the Lorien Trust live roleplaying system background.  Each faction within the system has its own ethos and culture, which live roleplayers can interact and belong to.

Part of the purpose of this website is to provide roleplayers who wish to create characters within the Dragons Faction a single source of relvant information.  All of the information contained within this website should be used to build a background and history for your character, it is important to keep in mind that the information has been written as a basis for a character and not a tick list of things your character knows.  One point that it is critical to remember is that the core of the live roleplay hobby is that it is a live system, character to character interaction is encouraged in preferance to sending emails and reading text on the internet.

This website, which is the 4th revision so far, is likely to be a permanent work in progress, with articles being added and modified as time goes on.  In a similar way to real life, the background of the Dragons Faction evolves and changes with time.

-- Webmonkey Pete

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